Singapore Museums

Singapore museums

If you're a parent, you might wonder, "What do kids love most about museums in Singapore?" Here are a few suggestions. I'm a former child museum enthusiast, so I can tell you that kids are fascinated by exhibits that are both educational and fun. In addition to the National Gallery, there are a handful of other museums you should definitely check out in Singapore. These include the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, Chinatown Heritage Centre, and Indian Heritage Centre.
National Gallery Singapore
The National Gallery Singapore is a public institution and the nation's museum. It is located in the Civic District of Singapore. There are various exhibits and exhibitions that you will enjoy, from traditional Asian art to modern works of art. To make the most out of your visit to the National Gallery Singapore, plan ahead of time. Here's how to find the best time to go to the gallery:
The design process for the National Gallery Singapore began in the early 2000s, when the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts (MICA) launched a two-stage competition for design concepts. The first stage invited design proposals and involved a site tour of two existing buildings. In May 2007, five proposals were shortlisted and the competition was closed. The design was subsequently finalized and completed in 2010.
Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum
If you are looking for an amazing museum in Singapore, look no further. The Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum opened its doors on 18 April 2015 on the Kent Ridge campus of the National University of Singapore. It houses the Raffles Natural History Collection. I love this museum for many reasons, and you will too. Here are my top 5 reasons why. Read on to find out! Listed below are some other reasons why I love the museum:
The Museum's Dinosaur Bones Section is fascinating. Near-complete skeletons of dinosaurs are displayed, giving visitors a glimpse into the history of dinosaurs. You can see the bones of a sperm whale, a diplodocid, or even a sauropod. Besides dinosaur fossils, the museum also features warm-blooded animals, plants, and mammals.
Chinatown Heritage Centre
The National Museum of Singapore is one of the largest museums in Singapore, with over 2,000 artefacts and seven galleries. Each gallery has a unique theme, and you can explore interesting insights about Asia, or learn about a specific religion. There's even a section dedicated to faith, with artefacts from different religions displayed in one room. Whether you're interested in the history of religions or the art of Singapore's Chinese and Japanese communities, you'll be able to find the perfect artifacts and exhibits in Singapore.
The Chinatown Heritage Centre is housed in beautifully restored shophouses on Pagoda Street and tells the story of life in early Singapore's Chinatown. Visitors can get a taste of what life was like for Chinese immigrants in Singapore. Many of the exhibits depict life in the early days of Chinatown, when immigrants lived in tiny, cramped spaces. There was even a traditional doctor who paid a princely sum to have a window in which to advertise his services.
Indian Heritage Centre
The Indian Heritage Centre is a cultural centre in Singapore that showcases the culture and heritage of Indian Singaporeans. The centre, located at the Campbell Lane thoroughfare in the Little India precinct, is 3,090 square metres in size and opened in 2015.
The Indian Heritage Centre's main entrance is framed by a five-metre-high stone portal, while the rest of the facade is made of warm teak timber. The stairs are clad in a series of abstract motifs designed by Shand. These motifs typically refer to a small subset of Indian culture, but abstract designs are a more inclusive reference to the diverse ethnic groups of India. The lobby showcases the work of Shand, with its sweeping glass windows incorporating the baori pattern of the facade.
The museum's fusion of traditional and modern architectural elements makes for a beautiful, well-curated museum. The facade is a large mirror by day, but transparent at night, revealing a vibrant mural. The museum's permanent exhibition highlights the Indian culture and history in Singapore. A fascinating exhibit explores connections between India and Southeast Asia. A tour is not complete without a stop at the museum's interactive displays.

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